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You heard that right! Hidden Legacy is really starting to light up. If you weren't excited before, you definitely will be now!


So what has gotten done in the last few days that everyone can look forward to? Well, there is a HUGE amount of stuff, but I'll do my best to list it all out.


  • Hired 2 new excellent builders JC_C and Fiend.
  • Hired a writer WhiteBoiBall for storyline and item lore.
  • 2 boss arenas/dungeons (Boss names are still secret) by our fantastic building team
  • RANKS! Hidden Legacy is themed around medieval fantasy, and we are putting a Norse Mythology twist on it. You will find lots of cool Norse references on the server. (And one reeeeeeeeally big one)
  • 1 new custom modeled hostile mob (to add to the other 100 or so) by CboxGurly, our mob/entity modeler.
  • 2 New Item sets completed by Vixel, our item modeler!
  • 3 shop NPCs that will help solidify and balance the economy in the server. (Player shops and auctions are highly encouraged)
  • Server shops balanced to give fair progression
  • Donation shop site is up and running (there are no available purchases quite yet)
  • NEW MAIN WEBSITE!!! If you've been around for awhile you'll notice our site looks a little different than before. We encourage everyone to take a look around and register.
  • Naturally generating custom ores that can be used to craft various items and armor.
  • Towny Event Wars and PVP have been configured. Both of these are OPT IN. You will not participate by default.
  • McMMO and Jobs balanced to give a better player experience
  • Hostile Mobs now level based on distance from spawn. Do you dare to set your town down in a high level area? You better be prepared!
  • Lots more mob/item ideas have been brewing and just need to be implemented.
  • Massive amounts of backend optimization to help the server run smooth and easy while players enjoy their time on a lag free server!

A few sneak peak photos of what you can expect in Hidden Legacy!




And a video to show the custom crafting!



What's to come:

  • Key fragments - Many of the keys for crates will be split into fragments that drop from hostile mobs and bosses or can be acquired through quests. Gather enough of them and you can trade them in for complete keys!
  • Mob drop tables will be configured soon to make it possible to acquire all the amazing custom gear on the server!
  • MMO Classes and skills will be balanced to give fair progression and ultimate fun
  • Balance custom gear to help with game progression
  • Finishing up the spawn world and the playable world starting village
  • More amazing builds that you will only ever see on Hidden Legacy!
  • Much more!!


If you have any suggestions for the website, server, discord or otherwise, please submit a ticket on the Suggestions page. Thank you!

Week of 1.30.2022 Dev Update over 2 years ago