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Welcome to Hidden Legacy's rules page!
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Chat Rules:

1. Do not spam chat.

2. Swearing in chat is fine, but try not to use it excessively, this ties into the spamming rule (#1)

3. Do not grief.

4. Excessive spawn camping is not allowed this server is not designed to bully others

5. Hostile mob farms and AFK farms are banned. Passive mob farms are still allowed

6. Do not self-promote. IF you are a content creator, DM an admin or owner about your plans(do not spam them either)

7. Do not advertise other servers.

8. Do not ask for OP, staff, or free donation ranks.

9. Any and all cheating or exploitation will result in an ban.

10. PvP, is allowed this can be toggled per player with /pvp (name)

11. If any unintended system behaviour is found it must be reported to staff immediately on discord or on the website,.

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute
  1. Do not spam in the discord at all.
  2.  Do not spam staff member's DMs.
  3. Do not abuse any of the discord bots.
  4. Posting any images or any copy-pasta inside the #ingame-chat channel will lead into losing privelege to having access.
  5. Sharing or having and innapropiate topics will result in a mute
  6. Hot Mics are not allowed(If you have one then put on Push to talk)
  7. All topics un-minecraft related must stay in #off Topics
  8. Advertising or having a status advertising another server will result in a kick from the discord server