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The Dev Update that Could!
4 minute read
What can this dev update do? It can let you know what's going on behind the scenes! Boom.

Okay but seriously what's been going on?
Short answer: A lot.

Long answer: Even more.

Honestly, we've been doing a lot of back-end work to get things OPTIMIZED.
Also updating to 1.18.2
Also making custom ARMOR work with shaders (because they weren't)
Also adding more armor sets because we're just that cool.
Also Adding special skills/spells cause we're just that much COOLER than you thought.
Also adding more cosmetics because everyone loves hats and backpacks and ... other things ;)
Also changing how dungeons work because instancing is too expensive. (sad face)

Now that you have a rough estimate about what the rest of this post is going to be about, CHECK OUT OUR SPAWN! Also subscribe to our youtube channel! (And mine Cboxhero - The person writing this)

Alright, now that you've taken a look at our lovely spawn, lets talk about updating to 1.18.2
What does that mean for the server? Are we going to forever be stuck here now?
The server will be consistently updated to match the latest release to keep up with new features that mojang puts out. Obviously it takes time to get those updates out, but that's the fun part, right? RIGHT?!
Does that mean your builds will be reset each time we update? Nope! We will be introducing a RESOURCE WORLD! (ooooooh fancy) that will be wiped and reset every month. This allows us to not only keep player builds around while adding new Monjang features, it ALSO (Hey there's that word again) allows us to add our own new features to the world over time!
"New features?!" You say? Yes.
New features such as custom blocks, trees, ores, armor, weapons, tools and more! (All of which is already a part of Hidden Legacy)

Custom armor is tricky. It involves tricking vanilla minecraft shaders into rendering dyed leather armor as a specified texture. There is a bit of a catch though; Optifine (and similar) shaders conflict in very bad way with this method.
This is what that looks like:

Luckily there is a fairly easy loophole that has been found recently so we've got it all patched up and working in either environment!

So since we got armor working correctly, we've added some new sets!
Here is one of them:

I won't go into much details on the skills and spells, so just watch this teaser!

Now lets show off the cosmetics! But again I don't want to spoil tooooo much here, so let me just say: "Adventure Time!"

If that doesn't get you pumped up enough, lets talk about dungeons! There will be a boat load of dungeons!
... Okay. Right now there is only one. But it's really cool! You'll fight some really cool custom mobs and a few difficult bosses. Hey, maybe you'll get some cool loot? Guess you'll just have to play and see. Here is a teaser for the first dungeon SNOW CLOAK

Now what's left before we open for alpha testing?
Well, there is a still a bit and unfortunately it is taking longer than expected. There are a few reasons.
First, we've been migrating custom item plugins. The previous one was closed source and not really going in the direction that we wanted or needed. The bad part of this migration is that HUNDREDS of files need to be edited, new config files need to be written and source code needs to be edited. This has been our biggest hurdle so far, but officially today that hurdle has been passed. We can now look at our other challenges.
When it comes to custom mobs, weapons, armor and all of that goodness, there is actually a lot of math involved. Weapons need damage numbers. Mobs need health and armor numbers. How fast should they be? How fast should this particular weapon be able to strike? There are a LOT of custom items and mobs on the server, so balancing everything and ensuring nothing is too stale or too broken is a huge time sink. The good news, though, is that you'll have a BUNCH of fun with these items once they're ready!
We also still need to work on implementing some of our quests.
Our fabulous writer has come up with a fantastic story, so now all that's left is getting it set up so it can be told through NPCs and otherwise.

But we're close! So expect an announcement about alpha sign ups Soontm...

As always, if you have any suggestions please leave them HERE.
And if you would like to join the team and help out with development, please fill out the application form HERE.
Dev Update: 3/6/2022
Dev Update: 3/6/2022
Hey! It's been awhile but we are back to report what we've been doing behind the scenes while you wait patiently for one of the most spectacular servers in the making. Before we get to the update, I'd like take a second and let the community know...
3 minute read
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