Hidden Legacy Poetry


Broken German Wings

Broken Wings

Hail Mary
I’ve cupped my palms
So you could sip
You spit on my church shoes
With charcoal debris
Flying out your chest

Full of Grace
Like pilots
Using cockpits
As compartment confessionals
prayer can’t land sadness
The dead don’t scream as loud
As the panicked

Pray for us sinners
In our last hour of death
gnawed at ankles
until they snapped
then clocked timers
on track speed
you bleed secrets
asked others to guess
this plane was not your game show
ratings tanked

To the last glimpses
Of each passenger
Whose children will
Think you blinked
Forgot to re-open

©Frankie A.Soto, Hidden Legacy
All rights reserved

Thank you Penn State, Regis College & Lynchburg College

 Biggest shout out to Frankie Soto for a great night of mind-blowing and thought-provoking poetry! Thank you so much for letting us host you! #hiddenlegacy #bsa A longer video of the whole show will be shown soon!

Posted by Lynchburg College Black Student Association – BSA on Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Frankie A. Soto feature Guest write for “Gribbski’s Guide to the Fat Galaxy”

Ladies, Friends, Family, Fans, please take a moment to check out my feature guest write. I was asked to be a guest writer for “Gribbski’s Guide to the Fat Galaxy” Speaking on the stigmas of weight and the pressure of trying to be a size 0 to feel valuable. It was an honored to be asked as a man to speak on this topic. Please read, an share. Important to open up dialogue on this topic an impact those who feel they are only as important as their size dictates.

Gribbski’s Guide to the Fat Galaxy featuring Frankie A. Soto, Hidden Legacy

Thank you Rust Magazine for Featuring me

New 3 page Layout coming soon.

New 3 page Layout coming soon.

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