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For Booking Information & Pricing for Performance please email ( or call 516-810-2535 for more information.

Thank you greatly for your interest. It is truly humbling and means the world to me. Look forward to bringing a special night at your event/college/university/venue.

Frankie A. Soto, Hidden Legacy

8 thoughts on “Booking Information/Inquiries”

  1. Good Afternoon-

    My name is Heather Horowitz and I am the Associate Director of Student Activities at Philadelphia University. I have the pleasure of advising our Campus Activities Board. Our students are very impressed and excited about the Hidden Legacy. We were curious as to their availability on Thursday, 4/11. Is there a possibility of a block forming? How many hotel rooms are needed?

    Philadelphia University will be conducting our 5th Annual Unity Week during that time and the Campus Activities Board and School of Liberal Arts co-sponsor a WriterSlam as one of the evening events. Participants include students, faculty, and staff. We’d love to incorporate Hidden Legacy into the event as our emcee. Please let me know their availability and pricing when you have a chance.

    Thank You,
    Heather Horowitz
    Associate Director of Student Activities
    Philadelphia University

    Maxwell Pineau
    Campus Activities Board Diversity Chair

  2. Hi Mr. Soto I am vice president for the Latin American Student Organization at Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa. I wanted to ask if there are available dates in February. Thank you

  3. Hi, my name is Matthew Stewart and I am the Vice-President of the Black Student Union at the University of Northern Iowa. On April 18 we are having an awards ceremony/banquet and we are looking for entertainment to perform between award presentations and we would love to bring you in for the job. If you are interested email me back at Thank you for your time sir and keep up the outstanding work

  4. My name is Brianna Dawes and I am Vice President of the Latino American Student Organization on West chester University’s campus! I was just wondering if you would like to speak and perform on Weds. September 17,2014 in honor of Latino Heritage month. LASO will be having many events this week and on Weds it will be a poetry feast with live poets and different presenters other than yourself. We would like you to be our main act , however! On behalf of LASO we would be so honored to have you and look forward to hearing from you! Please contact me at

  5. Hello,

    I am the Director of the MultiCultural Center of Santa Clara University. We received a Facebook message in regards to possibly hosting you on our campus. As I have mentioned in my response to your fb message, I believe the SCU community would greatly benefit from your presence.

    If possible September 24, 2016 is a date that really interests me in having you at SCU or sometime in the week prior to the election. So October 31st – November 4th.

    Please let me know. Thank you for your time.

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