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Thank you Kenmore Middle School & Lynchburg University in VA

The show was fantastic! We were thinking of having you come back for our Summer Transition Program! ~Pat Price, Lynchburg College, VA

Frankie you were amazing!!! The kids loved you and kept asking when you were coming back ~Meg Hunter, Kenmore Middle School, VA

You were awesome!!! I always enjoy watching you perform! ~LaDawn Noble, Lynchburg College, VA

Really enjoyed listening to Frankie Soto’s inspirational words tonight ~Kelly Lineberry, Lynchburg College, VA

Frankie Soto, spoken word performer, will return to Lynchburg College’s Westover Room on Friday, Feb. 12 @ 7:30…

Posted by Multicultural Services of Lynchburg College on Monday, February 8, 2016

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Thank you Keene State University

“The performance was amazing, your poems really made me think of people’s lives around me and the different struggles that others face. The poems were emotional and really touched me. Some even gave me the chills which only happens when I hear something I really like. The show was an impacting experience” ~ Kaitlyn Chestna, Keene State University, New Hampshire

“The poem you did with guitarist on women and the issues they face with weight brought me to tears” ~Keene State University

Frankie A. Soto first male writer/feature Guest write for “Gribbski’s Guide to the Fat Galaxy”

Ladies, Friends, Family, Fans, please take a moment to check out my feature guest write. I was asked to be a guest writer for “Gribbski’s Guide to the Fat Galaxy” Speaking on the stigmas of weight and the pressure of trying to be a size 0 to feel valuable. It was an honored to be asked as a man to speak on this topic. Please read, an share. Important to open up dialogue on this topic an impact those who feel they are only as important as their size dictates.

Gribbski’s Guide to the Fat Galaxy featuring Frankie A. Soto, Hidden Legacy