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Thank you Ohio University

With members of the Multicultural Greek Council

Thank you for encouraging me to read. Your work is really great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am glad I stumbled across the cafe tonight. I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time.

~Ohio University, Marli Willoughby

WORDS OF LOVE- Fan Response from Colleges/Universities

Thank you South Puget Sound College


“Going into your performance I was nervous because I’m not one to  express my emotions to others. Many of your poems hit home for me and it was honestly an amazing experience.  God put me in the right place and the right time. You move people more than you think. Thank you for sharing your stories with us” 

~Mayra Arellano, South Puget College, WA

“Thank you so much for coming and allowing us to have you here. Your performance was great. It made me cry a few times.  It honestly makes me want to write. I really hope we stay in contact you’re an amazing person”

~Leslie Vasquez, South Puget College, WA

We’ve had numerous keynote speakers here on campus and you were by far the best we’ve had here on campus. You were real, genuine and personable. Keep doing what your doing and how you’re doing it. You’re a real one for sure. Thanks again for a great workshop and show. 

Austin Escalera, South Puget College, WA


Thank you Worcester State University



~Worcester State University,  Massachusetts                                                   Student,  Cindy

“Your performance was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for performing”

~Worcester State University, Massachusetts
Third World Alliance – Vice President


I am so grateful that I got to see you perform. You’re an amazing poet!

Worcester State University, Massachusetts                                                         Student, Tony Spagony

Thank you University of Wisconsin-Superior


Frankie brought a lot of energy to our campus during his performance at our Black Student Union “Soul Food” event. His skills and truth moved the audience in ways that have never been done on our campus! If you are looking for a great poet, emcee, or down to earth human being that can connect with people in a variety of ways, Frankie Soto is your person!

Jerel Benton, Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion/Senior Diversity Officer (University of Wisconsin-Superior)


University of Vermont!! Thank you

“I attended your performance tonight with my sister and we just wanted to say that your work is amazing!!! We come from South Africa but we could really relate to your material and we were touched by every poem. Keep doing
what you’re doing because your words inspire!”

~Courtney Janeison, University of Vermont

“I just want to thank you very much for coming to UVM tonight! Thank you for your powerful poems, life stories and everything else. Noche de Cultura wouldn’t have been an amazing event without you!! “

~Ruth, University of Vermont

“Thank you so much. I mean it when I say you were the best performers and realest people I have ever seen here at UVM. I was excited for Noche de Cultura but had no idea that you were going to make the kind of impact you did. The room was loud and once you started performing it became so quiet and you had everyone’s full attention. Everyone was buzzing about you after the show and even the day after we couldn’t stop talking about you. I don’t know where your next show is but people need to make sure they bring you to their school!! It is a no brainer! Hope to have you back sooner than later. Keep moving hearts and minds.

~Adam, University of Vermont

Thank you University of New Haven

“I love your genuine spirit and energy. Your connection between yourself and yours fans is something real. I like how you went to
different places and perspectives. You touched on so many points that allowed me to feel so many emotions. The fact you were able to be so vulnerable and open up is very impressive. You really have a serious talent and passion.”

Jameson, University of New Haven

“I just felt very proud last night. You highlighted topics that are so relevant and it just made me feel proud of my skin. Proud to be a Latina, and you have a gift! Thank you so much for coming.”

Giselle, LASA, University of New Haven

“I really felt inspired and connected with many of the poems. It’s hard to sometimes effectively communicate feelings and those poems put into words what I have experienced and could never express.”

Cindy Zhunio, President of LASA, University of New Haven