Thank you University of New Haven

“I love your genuine spirit and energy. Your connection between yourself and yours fans is something real. I like how you went to
different places and perspectives. You touched on so many points that allowed me to feel so many emotions. The fact you were able to be so vulnerable and open up is very impressive. You really have a serious talent and passion.”

Jameson, University of New Haven

“I just felt very proud last night. You highlighted topics that are so relevant and it just made me feel proud of my skin. Proud to be a Latina, and you have a gift! Thank you so much for coming.”

Giselle, LASA, University of New Haven

“I really felt inspired and connected with many of the poems. It’s hard to sometimes effectively communicate feelings and those poems put into words what I have experienced and could never express.”

Cindy Zhunio, President of LASA, University of New Haven

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