New Poem “I am Michael” on Michael Bennett & Racial Profiling. Please Read & Share.

I am Michael

I’ve never heard freeze! Put your motherfucking
hands up, followed by an inquiry on the status of
your bank account.

Never seen handcuffs hesitate to turn your wrists
boneless based on your master degrees, PHD’s
or basic fact that your innocence isn’t credible

if your uniform is the opposing team. You think
they thought Michael Bennett was Seattle
Seahawk or just too dark to not be suspicious.

You think they pinned him down as an audition tape
For ESPN game day or that their ESP was so utterly
Unworldly they could spot guilty from his stride.

Call his legs probable cause for the urgency in
which they run. I suppose bullets don’t typically
ignite hysteria in tight spaces or that the holes
in his jeans were bigger then ones in their reports.

Maybe plaid on a black man triggers an aggressive
response similar to red for a Bull. Or maybe it’s
so systemically rehearsed to tolerate the same Bull,

where scattering for safety can take you from victim
to suspect. I guess his black was too athletic. Body frame
quicker than the herd that stampeded out in disarray.

Figured his dark tones makes him immune to fear. Use to
being a target. That when gun shots rung in
his ears they don’t impulsively scream evacuate at all costs.

You think they seen how many Quarterbacks he sacked for
a loss. Think they are fans of division rivals settling a score.
or is this a rivalry that isn’t fair at all. You think they notice
his beard under the helmet or is the logo as far as it goes.

You think his accolades make him bulletproof. Does his
Wikipedia page show his statistics when yelling.

“If you move I will blow your fucking head off”

Does the gun know he has been a Pro Bowler. Does it sense
his financial equity and decide to go limp. Is that why
poor black boys always end up dead?

When he cried I am innocent. Did you check your fantasy
team to see how many points he accrued. Did you sense
the underlining sadness that a man who is cheered by millions
can’t be saved by being paid millions.

Money doesn’t disguise blackness. I guess it’s easier for you
to decipher nigger then human. Excuse my language.
I didn’t say it. Your gun did. Your suspicion did.

For a man who makes a living taking people down. All he
he wanted to do was get back up.

Do you think his savings account could pick the handcuffs open. Do
you think the badges flickered like a light house guiding a ship to
safety. Was there any remorse when he was forced to sink. Did you
ask him if the concrete was harder than turf?

Ask his spine how do you like your knee?

Pressed or in peace.

One was demonstrated on him and one he decided
To demonstrate.

Now guess which makes people more uncomfortable.


©Frankie A. Soto


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