Thank you Cornell College

Frankies show is one the of the most dynamic and energy filled I have ever seen. He really pumps up the crowd and feeds off what we give him. He reminded me that poets regardless of experience can inspire each other.

~ Zaria Evans, Cornell College, President- Lyrically Inclined Poetry Club

I was in the middle of studying for my midterm, but the whole time I couldn’t help but stop my studying to listen to your powerful words. What I witnessed was powerful words that are able to move people and connect souls.

~ Glorisette Santiago Rivera, Cornell College

The energy that Frankie Soto brought to campus was incredible. Through his open mic and personal performances, students and staff felt encouraged and inspired to create their own poetry. Several peers told me something along the lines of “Frankie Soto is DOPE” after his performance. There is no better way to put it.

Randy William Santiago, Cornell College, President-Union Latinx Organization

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