Thank you University of Dubuque

Thank you University of Dubuque

“I was truly moved by Frankie’s humility, generosity and genuine interest in my students. When he visited my class, he led a writing exercise that gave students the chance to express themselves in a way that many had never done before, and they learned new truths about one another in the process. When he performed, he invited several students to perform on the open mic, including some who had never written or shared a poem before. For Frankie, poetry is not only about self-expression, but about community-building, justice and inclusion. I was so grateful for his presence in our university community, and I hope he will come back”

– Jeannine Pitas, Professor of English & Spanish, University of Dubuque

“Thank you. The poem I believe titled “Underwear Diaries”, it was really impactful especially since growing up with sisters. It was all so powerful and hit home with me. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you very much. Your work is amazing and I enjoyed it a lot.”

– Raven, University of Dubuque

“Frankie engages the crowd with his poetry but also transforms the audience into part of the production. A truly awesome talent, we can’t wait to have him again”

– James Sizer, Director of Multicultural Engagement, University of Dubuque

“I would first like to say thank you for coming to UD. Your poetry was filled with passion and was relatable no matter someones background. I truly enjoyed them and it was simply just emotions put into words. It was wonderful”

– Nani, University of Dubuque

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