Thank you Coe College

Thank you Coe College

“It was such a pleasure to meet you and hear such great poetry. I really want to thank you for encouraging me to share some poetry. I was nervous to do 1 and ended up being really excited and doing 2 poems. I was so inspired by your words. I hope to hear more of your poetry and have you come back here.”

– Katrina Robles, Coe College

“Your poetry has a way of speaking all our pains and insecurities into existence. It allowed us to feel and be open with each other while bringing a group of students closer than we’ve ever been. Thank you for making the time to visit us.”

– Qiqi, Coe College

“Thank you so much Frankie for speaking in front of us with your beautiful words. I hope you wake up everyday feeling blessed, realizing you have this amazing gift. It was an honor to meet you. Your message is truly inspiring. I hope you have an amazing and long career doing what you do best with your poetry. Please come back to our campus soon! “

– Isaacc Davis, Coe College

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